Hawaii Kona Makapueo Prime

Maka in Hawaiian means eye and Pueo means Owl which together can be translated as “the one who sees all”.

In 2014 Makapueo Farm was presented the “Farmer of the year” award from the US Department of Agriculture for excellent work with soil, water and energy efficient management.

 Juicy plum, blackberry, mango, creamy, cocoa sweetness, buttery


Cupping Score: 92.78


Available only for Double Espresso or Pour over!

Coffee Details
Country: Hawaii
Region: Kona Coffee Belt
Estate: Sheen Family
Altitude: 365-670 masl
Variety: Kona Typica
Acidity: High
Body: Creamy
Flavour: Plum, cocoa
Aroma: Fruity
Available: Now
Bean Appearance:
Harvest Period:
Screen Size / Grade: Kona Prime
Processing: Fully Washed


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