Indonesia Blue Bianca Wet Hulled Giling Basah

Blue Bianca is produced in the highland plateau of Onang Ganjang by small holding farmers.

Every stage of this coffee is carefully managed and undergoes strict quality checks at every stage.

If it doesn't meet any of the standards, it's not called Blue Bianca.

This is a truly unique coffee that stands out on the cupping table. Distinctive, bursting with character top end Indonesian coffee.

Sweet berry, citrus, bittersweet, ruby grapefruit, biscuity


Cupping Score: 93.25


Fresh cherry is picked, pulped and fermented for 12 hours without water. Then the cherry is hulled and parchment washed and left to dry for two days. The parchment is then removed using the Giling Basa process of wet hulling, a process unique to Sumatra. Green beans are allowed to dry for a further 5 days after which they are hand sorted and left for a period of 30 days to rest before ready for shipping. Blue Bianca is prepared by a young local processor in Dolok Sangul.

Preferable for speciality single origins or used carefully ina blend. A coffee that needs an experienced roaster to draw out the complex makeup of this extraordinary bean.

Coffee Details
Χώρα: Indonesia
Φάρμα: Local Farmer
Υψόμετρο: 1400 MASL
Ποικιλίες: Onang Ganjang
Οξύτητα: Grapefruit
Σώμα: Bold,Satisfying
Γεύση: Sweet,Herbal
Άρωμα: Sweet, Aromatic
Διαθέσιμος: Now
Όψη κόκκου:
Περίοδος συγκομιδής: October - March
Μέγεθος / Ποιότητα: Gr. 1
Επεξεργασία: Wet Hulled


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